WEB SEO Upgrade

Happy Holidays, We have made the choice to have our systems upgraded by the Web SEO Property team - We will have some online disruption to our website All our services and products are available. If you have any questions or would like to use and Buy our Services. During our website upgrade. If you want to talk to us direct, you can contact us on our social Media pages. Don’t Look On Google talk to a live person on someone that knows – Call Now. Our sites naked right now as we build it up This up grade will affect over 27 000 Sites that are online so we have made a blanket Page, Please stay toonned for details. Contact Us Wpp@webseopropery.co or by Calling the main WSP Number 1-855-420-8467. We have Staff to answer your questions 24/7/365

We are offering a WSP Online Gift Basket to our followers - Go To the end of the Page to See Merry Christmas

We will be Launching BSTAR This holiday season too, so that all of our clients can have there own online store.

We hope that the gift of letting us serve you continues, and will want to give back because of it.

Web SEO Property Inc| Christmas Gift Upgrade

We want to give you the best services and products, By Joining the WSP Network we feel that it will enhance everyone’s experience, a fee features of the Upgrade WSHN- Web SEO Help WSHN is part of the WSP Network of companies that help others in need and part of that help is, having an alert system in times of crisis for the local community all the way up to the Global Level. The wsp network is currently in 3700 Canadian Locations and building to be North American wide with 65 000 locations Advanced Communications Network - To help you get the exact question you came on the net looking for answered and the right one. If you think that you would like to be part of our network then give us a call, or you can call us to have any question you have for one of our Sites we manage Like ABBS - IWTC - Dkayefitness - Financial Management - Cryptocurrency- Website Design - Construction Management -Calgary Flood - Ohcrap Cell Repair Calgary Asbestos Removal – SEX (Search Engine Xperts) Many of our clients have made the change to upgrade so please bare with us while we try and improve your Online experience here are some of the features. WSP Universal Gift Card The Gift Card can be used with us or with any others in the WSP Network, currently there is over 37 500 options pick from, If you can’t think of what to get someone for Christmas this is the choice for you, and if you can think of what you want chances are you can find it on our network News – The Wsp network will be providing Industry Relevant news via a new online NEWS platform. and any registered gift card makes you a WSP Network Member giving you a minimum 5 percent off all purchases and on some product, you can save up to 50% Cryptocurrency- Our Clients that want to upgrade their site have asked us to start accepting cryptocurrency We will be accepting only two types of crypto. Fracto - Will be our primary method and can be used on any of our services or partners in our network. Bitcoin – Current Standard